Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical

Announcing the theatrical event over 600 years in the making!

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a period musical based on the Middle English chivalric romance “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” utilizing a faithful Modern English script and a powerful rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack, with cover songs following the plot and roller-coaster emotion of the storyline, from its whimsical, supernatural beginning to its stunning conclusion.


Meet the Cast

Chris Causer

Sir Gawain

The production stars Chris Causer (RENT – Artists Giving Back, Ayn Rand in Love – MCL, Thom Pain – Jealous Mistress Theatre Company) as the greatest Knight of the Round Table, Sir Gawain.


Jack Wright

Green Knight

The production also stars Jack Wright (Bullets over Broadway – NightBlue Productions, Addams Family, American Idiot – Prop Theatre) as the mythic Green Knight.





From “Picture this Post” (December 4, 2017); read the full review here.

“…puts on a dazzling show of this story, complete with rock-and-roll music and impressive fight choreography. Director Nich Radcliffe utilizes a small, sparse space impeccably…”

“Actors Chris Causer as Sir Gawain and Jack Wright as the Green Knight shine both together and apart in the moments leading up to their face-off. Causer portrays Gawain with emotional honesty and vocal skill.”

“RECOMMENDED… now added to the Picture this Post round up of BEST PLAYS IN CHICAGO…”

From “Chicago Stage Standard” (December 4, 2017); read the full review here.

“Where this performance really excels is the fight design by Lana Whittington. Fight choreography is difficult to sell to an audience, but the incorporation of a scrim and backlighting allows silhouetted violence to transcend into the imagination.”

“The repetition in the lyrics drives home themes of honor and temptation… Chris Causer (Sir Gawain) impresses with an incredible vocal range. He evokes questions on morality and indulgence… [Jack] Wright gives an animated performance that is refreshing and bold. Another note-worthy voice is Noah Berman, King Arthur. Berman has a controlled projection and whole tone throughout his performance.”

“The inventive use of audio takes the audience into a different plane that allows the text’s dark undertones to surface separate from the dialogue. The production on the medieval text is admirable for tackling such complex themes on top of adapting into a musical.”

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